Just a few reminders regarding your classes and our new procedures:

*Please be mindful of social distancing when entering and exiting the building through the front door.  There will be markers on the sidewalk to help guide you and remind you to keep a 6 foot distance in between you and the family in front of you.

*We ask that if you are not dropping your child off for class, that only one (1) parent/guardian accompanies them into the building (no additional siblings are allowed at this time).  Both the parent/guardian and the gymnast/ninja will need to be in a mask when entering the building.

*All are required to wear facemasks in the lobby.  Children are REQUIRED to keep their masks on inside the gym (except for those under 2 years old).  If at any time a coach or the athlete feels the mask may inhibit their vision or breathing when performing a skill they are by all means welcome to drop the mask below their chin while keeping a safe distance from others.

*Upon entering, the gymnast/ninja will have their temperature taken by a staff member or coach.  If your child reads 100 degrees or over, you will politely be asked to leave.  If they have been dropped off, we will call the contact number on file for them to be picked up.  We ask that if the lobby is congested or there is a back up with people getting their temperatures taken, that you make an orderly line in front of the building using the 6 ft markers.

*Once they have their temperature taken, they will be able put their belongings in a cubbie and enter the gym when called in by a coach.

*We recommend that every child has their own small bottle of hand sanitizer in their bag to sanitize before and after class.  We will have sanitizer in the gym and lobby, but we ask that you help us ensure that your child is washing their hands and/or sanitizing before/after class.

*We are not allowing use of the drinking fountain at this time, so please send your child with a water bottle to be left in their cubbies for use during class. 

*If you have a young student that needs assistance using the bathroom and following social distancing protocol in the lobby, we ask that you stay to help them.  Children that are old enough and able to use the restroom on their own, will use the gym bathroom during class to help decrease the amount of traffic in the lobby.  All preschoolers and ninjas will continue to use lobby bathroom.

*Every class will be released 5 minutes early in order for the coaches to have ample time to sanitize the equipment and props before the next group enters.  This is for everyone’s health and safety.

*We ask that there is no lingering in the lobby after class, as we are trying to limit the amount of people that are in the lobby at one time.  If you have dropped your child off for class, please make sure to pick them up on time to help maintain social distancing from the next incoming group.

*Please do not send any child that has shown any sign of illness to class at any time or that has been exposed to any family member that has been ill.

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