Teeny Tots class (50 minutes - co-ed): A parent and tot class for ages walking to 3 years old.  In this introductory class, children will get introduced to the gym atmosphere and facility.  They will concentrate on balancing, coordination and fine motor skills through games, races, tumbling and activities on gymnastics equipment.  This class will help them develop social, sharing and listening skills.  This is a great way for parents and children to bond while participating in a fun and active class!

So BIG!! (50 minutes - co-ed):  Our brand new 2-3 year old independent class will focus on gross motor skills, sensory building and an introduction to basic gymnastics. When signing up for this class, please keep in mind we have some basic requirements for any child entering the program so this class can be as productive as possible. Some of the basic requirements include: good listening skills, confidence in entering a class room independently and guardian staying in lobby during class in case needed bathroom breaks.  We are aware that going in independently may be tricky, so we welcome any parent or caregiver to sit in until the child has found comfort with the teacher.  We are incorporating educational musical games, as well as sensory and team work activities!  The class will run for 50 minutes and is geared towards introducing all events of basic gymnastics, as well as the idea of being independent and the understanding of how a class room is structured . Join us on the journey to prep your child for future physical excellence!

Tiny 3's class (50 minutes - co-ed): In this class children will learn how to interact with an instructor and classmates on their own.  This class will help the children become more independent and confident in their gymnastics skills. It will help the children learn basic skills using fun and creative tools.  The class will continue to focus on balance, coordination, fine motor skills and basic tumbling.

Mini 4's class (50 minutes - co-ed): Similar to the tiny 3's, the mini 4's will focus on balance, coordination, fine motor skills and basic tumbling.  In this class the gymnasts execute more skills independently and develop a sense of confidence on the gymnastics equipment.  

Big Shots (60 minutes 4-6 year olds): This class is for the child who has shown good listening skills and are able to make a correction when given on skills. The focus will be on fine-tuning skills and improving form. Week to week work will be done on uneven bars, balance beam, vault and floor, including work (and play) on the trampoline, pit, and tumble-track.


BIG Beginners (1 hour - Ages 6 +): In this class kids will focus on the following skills: forward/backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, skip cartwheels, backbends, walks on high beams, glide swings on bars, holding their chin to a high bar, monkey walks across a high bar and front arm supports on bars.

BIG Intermediate (1 hour - gymnast needs evaulation - Ages 6 +): In this instructor invite class, kids have mastered the skills in the beginner girls class and will focus on the following: backbend kickovers, handstand forward rolls, handstand bridge, cartwheel step-ins, round-offs, teeter totters, all walks & jumps on high beams, T on beams, teeter totters on low beam, cartwheels on floor beams and pull-overs on bars.

BIG Advanced (1.5 hours - gymnasts needs evaluation - Ages 6 +): In this instructor invite class, kids have mastered the skills from the beginner and intermediate classes and will focus on the following: round-offs, front and back walkovers, flip-flops into pit on a wedge mat, flip-flop on floor mats, running front handspring, handstand and cartwheels on low beam and back hip-circles on bars.

BIG Expert  (1.5 hours - gymnast needs evaluation - Ages 6 +): In this instructor invite class, kids have mastered the skills from the beginner, intermediate and advanced classes and will focus on the following: standing flip-flops on floor, round-off flip-flops, cartwheel and handstands on high beam, back walk-overs on low beam and front hip-circles on bars.


Tiny Tumblers (Ages 4-5): This class is for the young child in your life who is interested in only tumbling!  In class they will focus on forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and more!  This class is a great strength, coordination and confidence builder!!  In this class, they will also incorporate the use of tumble track and trampoline! 

Beginner Tumble (Ages 6+): This class focuses solely on tumbling skills, including handstands, cartwheels, backbends and handstand forward rolls. This class is for the child who wishes to pursue cheerleading, or build strength and coordination using spotting and self-help stations, plus tumble-track and trampoline.

Intermediate Tumble (based on skill): This class focuses solely on tumbling skills, including backbend kickovers, limbers, front and back walkovers, round-offs and flip-flops. 

Flip-Flop and Tumble (*Advanced- based on skill): This is the perfect class to learn tumbling skills from a flip-flop to a back tuck and back layout. Instructors work at individual child’s pace, using spotting, self-help stations, trampoline and tumble-track to strengthen your (future) cheerleader’s tumbling skills!

Ninja Zone 

Little Ninjas (3-4 year old ):  Our ninja training program will combine military style obstacle courses to develop strength and speed, gymnastics tumbling and "ninja style" moves just like what you would see in a video game or on television for the little one in your life!

Ninja Zone (4 years - 11 years): Our Ninja training program will combine military style obstacle courses to develop strength and speed, gymnastics tumbling and "ninja style" moves!  In this class they will start to learn on how to combine their ninja skills in to ninja combinations and execute within the obstacles courses!  They will leave class excited and exhausted!


Super Shots: (3-4 year olds): Exceptional strength, balance and coordination, as well as good listening / focus skills will be required for this class. Super Shots will work on start and finish positions, and correct tumbling form. Uneven bars, balance beams and vault will be used week to week, and children will be asked to demonstrate gymnastics discipline on a daily basis.


BIG Dreamers:  1 hour 30 minutes, twice weekly. In this pre-developmental team program, we focus on specific tumbling, bar and beam skills to begin your child’s journey towards our competitive girl’s team. Your child will be at this level for at least a year, so commitment to the sport must be considered. When your child acquires the skills, discipline and desire, plus shows exceptional listening and focus skills, they may then be moved to the next program.

BIG STARS:  2 hours, twice weekly. This developmental team program is meant to be a year long lead into our team program, learning skills needed to compete at Level 3. Poise, balance, tumbling, bar, beam and vault skills will be stressed. This program is the beginning of great gymnastics skills, self-esteem, and wonderful friendships!