Make-up Classes: You are allowed 2 make-ups per session. Make-ups must be completed during the session you are currently enrolled in and cannot be carried over to the next session. Please call the office at 630.323.6244 to schedule a make-up class.

Hair & Attire: All girls should have their hair pulled back out of their face. Appropriate gymnastics apparel should be worn. This includes leotards, or shorts and a fitted or tucked in shirt. Please do not have your child wear tights or leggings as your child may slip on the equipment.  All ninjas have a Ninja Shirt that should be worn to each class.  The ninja shirts can be purchased in the office on the first day of class.  They will wear their shirt with a pair of athletic shorts or pants.  No shoes are to be worn inside the gym.  Please no jewelry as it may get lost or broken during class.

Sick Children: If your child is sick, please do not send them to class for the safety of other students and staff. Call the office to schedule a make-up.

Refunds: A full refund will be given prior to the start of the session minus a $5.00 processing fee. After the first class, a refund will be given minus the cost of 1 class and minus a $5.00 processing fee. After the second class of the session, no refund will be given. Returned Checks: If any checks are returned due to insufficient funds or for any other reason, there will be a $32.00 fee charged to your account.

Nuts: We are a nut-free facility.  Please do not send your gymnast/ninja with any snacks containing nuts (this includes trail mix).