Teeny Tots class (50 minutes - co-ed): A parent and tot class for ages walking to 3 years old.  In this introductory class, children will get introduced to the gym atmosphere and facility.  They will concentrate on balancing, coordination and fine motor skills through games, races, tumbling and activities on gymnastics equipment.  This class will help them develop social, sharing and listening skills.  This is a great way for parents and children to bond while participating in a fun and active class!

Tiny 3's class (50 minutes - co-ed): In this class children will learn how to interact with an instructor and classmates on their own.  This class will help the children become more independent and confident in their gymnastics skills. It will help the children learn basic skills using fun and creative tools.  The class will continue to focus on balance, coordination, fine motor skills and basic tumbling.

Mini 4's class (50 minutes - co-ed): Similar to the tiny 3's, the mini 4's will focus on balance, coordination, fine motor skills and basic tumbling.  In this class the gymnasts execute more skills independently and develop a sense of confidence on the gymnastics equipment.  

Mighty 5's & 6's class (50 minutes - co-ed): In this class the children are building off the skills they have previously learned in the 3's and 4's classes.  This class concentrates more on technique and form during all activities including stretch and flexibility training.  Strength and muscle control/awareness are emphasized greatly.  Children will begin to learn and execute more advanced gymnastics skills.