BIG Gymnastics offers a 42' x 80' Palmer Spring Floor and state of the art equipment from AAI and Speith Anderson.

The 9' x 14', in-ground trampoline dismounts into loose foam, while the Tumble Trak dismounts into loose foam on one end, and into a resi-pit* on the other end. The vault area has a choice of hard, resi-pit and loose foam pit landings, while the beam area is host to a wide variety of beam heights with various landing options. Multiple bar stations include our recreation area with bars intended for gymnasts up to level 6. The Team bar area offers double rails to resi-landing, single rail to loose-foam landing, an in-ground trench bar, a strap bar, and additional double and single rail apparatus.

BIG takes great care to make sure your child works out in a clean, air conditioned, well-ventilated facility.  Check us out...BIG is better!

*Resi-pits are solid foam landing areas; loose-foam pits are made up of small foam cubes. Both are designed to help with the facilitation of high-level gymnastics, and provide a safer way to train.