Mia Gramann

Graduation Year: 2019

Level 10

Status: Attending University of Tennessee Fall of 2019

Competition Results:

State Qualifier 2007-2015

Regional Qualifier 2012-2015


Skills Mastered:

Vault - Yurchenko half, yurchenko full, yurchenko layout

Bars - Front giant, toe catch high, bail, bail to toe catch high, freehip tkatchev, bail handstand, giant to double layout, freehip toe front

Beam - Cartwheel 1 1/2, straddle 3/4, flip-flop layout, 1/1 turn, split jump to sheep jump, switch leap sheep jump, switch leap gainer flip-flop, aerial full dismount

Floor - Round-off flip-flop 2 1/2, Round-off flip-flop double back, front full front pike, front handspring front layout front pike, front handspring front layout front layout, front full punch front, round-off whip half layout/full, switch side 1/1 straddle, 1 1/2 turn


Skills Training:

Bars - Blind full, toe front half, toe on toe off

Beam - Flip-flop layout layout, aerial 1 1/2, split 1/1

Floor - Round-off flip-flop double pike, front handspring rudi

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