Announcing 2 NEW Spring classes for your 2 and 3 year olds!!!

So BIG!! (50 minutes - co-ed):  Our brand new 2-3 year old independent class will focus on gross motor skills, sensory building and an introduction to basic gymnastics. When signing up for this class, please keep in mind we have some basic requirements for any child entering the program so this class can be as productive as possible. Some of the basic requirements include: good listening skills, confidence in entering a class room independently and guardian staying in lobby during class in case needed bathroom breaks.  We are aware that going in independently may be tricky, so we welcome any parent or caregiver to sit in until the child has found comfort with the teacher.  We are incorporating educational musical games, as well as sensory and team work activities!  The class will run for 50 minutes and is geared towards introducing all events of basic gymnastics, as well as the idea of being independent and the understanding of how a class room is structured . Join us on the journey to prep your child for future physical excellence!


BIG's Rock & Rollers (50 minutes - co-ed): This is a parent participation class that will have you and your 2-3 year old child singing, dancing and bonding!  Children will sing songs and dance throughout class along with doing the gymnastics program!  Every class children will love the familiarity of their songs and dances they do with you and their instructor.  

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