Adelina Grindeanu

Graduation Year: 2021

Level 10

Status: Attending University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Fall 2021

Competition Results:


Level 8 State - 8th Place Vault, 9th Place Floor

Level 8 Regionals - 2nd Place Vault, 9th Bars, 8th Place Beam, 4th Place All-Around


Level 9 State Qualifier


Level 9 State Qualifier

Level 9 Regionals - 8th Place Vault


Level 9 State Qualifier - 1st Place Vault

Level 9 Regional Qualifier - 8th Place Bars, 8th Place Beam, 7th Place Floor & 7th Place All-Around

Level 9 Eastern Championship National Qualifier

Level 9 Eastern Championships - 4th Place Vault & 12th All-Around


Level 10 State Qualifier


Skills Competed:

Vault - Yurchenko layout

Bars - Freehip, swing half, bail, giant double back

Beam - Flip-flop layout, switch leap back tuck, split jump split 3/4, aerial full

Floor - Double back, 1 1/2 punch pike, front layout-layout, switch side popa


Skills Mastered, but not competing:

Vault - Tsuk pike, Aerial

Bars- Piro, freehip, giant, layout

Beam - Back walkover flip-flop, switch leap straddle, full turn cartwheel full, flutter split

Floor - Handspring layout pike, full, switch leap straddle, 1 1/2 turn, front full


Skills Training:

Vault - Tsuk layout, yurchenko full

Bars - Full blind, geinger

Beam - Switch leap straddle 3/4, round-off full, Round-off 1 1/2, switch leap split 3/4, front aerial

Floor - Round-off 1 1/2 punch pike, front full front, punch layout pike, switch leap popa, front full pike, double pike, front full-front

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